Experiment 2

The purpose of this experiment is to explore areas around anchor text and contextual information, especially in relation to how this might change with the use of the noindex meta robots tag.

It's a bit of a fishing expedition. In the first set of pages, I'm going to seek to distinguish between the performance of links that travel via different intermediary pages, which will be similar to each other, but with one set to "noindex".

Here are the links:

Each of the pages above will link to another page each using a unique, or at least unusual, portmanteau phrase as anchor text. That phrase will not be mentioned on the target pages, which will have content that I hope will be similar enough to each other to be fair, but dissimilar enough to avoid any duplication penalty.

NOTE: please don't link to any of the other pages in this experiment! Links to the blog or the home page are fine...

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