Experiment 2 - linking page 1

When Google claims, as it did recently, that it has more than 1 trillion items in its index, even if it doesn't publish them all, one begins to see the difficulty in producing meaningful text that is in any way original.

Google also has the texts of millions (billions?) of books indexed, so I can't take the very tempting approach of simply reaching over to a nearby shelf and copying out some passages from a handy tome.

Of course, I'd risk breaching the author's copyright if I were to do so. Obviously you can get away with the odd quotation, although with very short pieces and poems it can be difficult to avoid quoting them all - some of Ogden Nash's work is so short that it would fall into this category.

The link to the next page uses some comprehensible, non-standard English: HenrysUncle. I have three surviving uncles - in fact, I'm not sure why I qualify it like that - it isn't as if I have any uncles who have not made it thus far. You won't find anything about them on the page.

NOTE: please don't link to any of the other pages in this experiment! Links to the blog or the home page are fine...

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