Experiment 2 - linking page 2

My first plan for this page was that it would be absolutely identical to the other content page in the experiment, and that the sole difference would be that this page would be set not to be indexed, and the other one would.

However, it then occurred to me that if Google is actually examining the content of pages that are set to noindex (which we can be pretty sure it does), it should be able to detect duplicate content, and the detection of duplication might lead to greater pollution of the experiment.

So, while keeping the length about the same and retaining identical paragraphs to finish off, I have written some addtional new content here, albeit with all the same reservations about originality as expressed before.

The link to the next page uses some comprehensible, non-standard English: HenrysUncle. I have three surviving uncles - in fact, I'm not sure why I qualify it like that - it isn't as if I have any uncles who have not made it thus far. You won't find anything about them on the page.

NOTE: please don't link to any of the other pages in this experiment! Links to the blog or the home page are fine...

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